Our Services

The Crouch Street Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy

We have counselling students seconded to the Centre who see clients at a discounted rate, (currently £7.50, covering costs only). Therapy costs range from £20.00 and upwards, all with qualified therapists. The Centre also offers domiciliary visits when necessary. The Crouch Street Centre insists all therapists hold current membership of their relevant professional body e.g. BACP, BPS, BABCP etc. and are bound by the relevant Code of Ethics, including, importantly, confidentiality. All therapists hold current Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Referrals are received from various sources including:

  • Private Health Care Companies
  • Private Industry
  • GP Surgeries
  • Community Mental Health Teams
  • Occupational Health Departments within local Health Trusts
  • Private referrals (self-referred)

Counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful in dealing with many unresolved issues and our therapists are practiced in working with:

Loss and grief Low Mood
Relationship difficulties Anger
Anxiety Stress
Eating disorders Phobias
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Life crises
Addiction including drug and alcohol
Panic disorders Critical Debriefing
Psychosexual Therapy Separation & Divorce
Depression Adoption

The Centre is popular for groups including Yoga, Meditation and Supervision. The Crouch Street Centre has developed a library for both therapists and client use, and this is extremely popular.

What is Counselling and Psychotherapy?

Counselling/Psychotherapy involves listening and talking, and understanding the relationship between the people involved. Each therapy session offers an opportunity to have the space to tell your story, and be listened to. The important part of this is in establishing a healing relationship with your therapist. Therapy is an active process, like a journey of self exploration. The therapist is able to offer guidance, though the ultimate responsibility for changing is with you.

Sessions are usually held weekly and each session lasts for fifty minutes. Further information can be obtained from the NHS Conditions website or The British Association of Psychotherapists. Alternatively you can contact Ruth or Cheryl who will be happy to answer your questions.